2016-10-05 Wed


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I moan about the lack of beauty with trees, hedges and plants in Toronto.

Just outside the Yonge street entrance to the Eaton Chelsea is this sweet array of tubs. Well done that hotel!

Now: why aren’t other businesses, and the Toronto City Council spreading good cheer all over the downtown core?

Because too much money is being spent on studies to evaluate proposals to hire consultants to draw up reports to recommend funding levels for ,,,


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I just couldn’t resist another shot of the closed bike lane on Gerrard Street just east of Yonge Street.

You can see why they have closed, it, can’t you?


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And here is a follow up to my observation back on Saturday 2016-08-06 .

That poor little sign has been crushed, mangled and distorted. Owing to the carelesness of the workers (“My job is to clear away the old fixtures”) we are now on the hook for a new road sign, maybe a year down the road.

Your tax dollars at work. Creating work for other workers.