2016-10-04 Tue

Failures in Advertising

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Check the front wheels.

Gerrard Street between Bay and Yonge has been impassable for over a month.

This truck is Delivering Files, and has just discovered that the street really is closed, dug up, totally, and no work being done to re-pave it either.

Now you know where the *$@#! File is Ė it is trapped in a delivery truck that canít gain access to your office because you work on Gerrard Street!

Tab will not help, nor for that matter will Shift-Tab.


Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20160930_111753149.jpg

Construction Sites The Brit 955 Yonge Street The Brit has made some Progress while I was away. Eight storeys seem to have been added in about four weeks, unless I wasnít paying attention just before I went away.