2016-10-02 Sun


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This advertisement on a bus shelter caught my eye. Almost $100,000 for a car.

Chances are strong that you can still buy a house for that somewhere in Toronto. I grant you not a very good house, but a house with some dry spots, a place to sleep at night, to cook meals, ...

The world has gone mad.


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A view from the SW corner of Yonge and Gerrard looking east along Gerrard in the morning. The orange construction signs say “Bike Lane Closed”, but in fact it is open and clear all the way as far as Church Street.

Who in their right mind (in charge of Project Management) leaves signs like this lying around?

Fortunately Toronto cyclists have brains and use them. They ride in the bike lane even though it is closed.

Of course, they have to swerve into the motorized traffic to get around the sign telling them that the bike lane is closed, but after that, they can get back into the closed bike lane quite freely. And safely.

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Here is a view looking back towards Yonge Street.

The road’s surface is complete and is painted with lane markings; the bike lane is complete; the sidewalk is repaved and re-kerbed.

Only the useless construction signs offer an obstacle to correct use of this expensive strip of Toronto.