2016-09-30 Fri


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I “get” the ad, but it seems like a mis-fired shot to me.

If you sell cigarettes, tying them to another bad idea seems to be counter-productive.

We are told that cigarettes are bad for our health.

We are told too that deep-fried starch is bad for our health.

Why are the cigarette people tying their product to something else that is bad for our health?

The Toronto Transit Commission

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I shake my head in dis-belief.

Something I was taught on-the-job forty years ago is now described in wondrous words such as “holistic” and “stage-gate”, but the truth was always:-

A goal, a sequence of objectives (or steps), each with a measurable deliverable with quantifiers.

How come the Toronto Transit Commission hasn’t been following this idea? It was old hat when it was taught to me.