2016-09-06 Tue


Today is the day of excitement. Not as Frank McCourt would describe it, but for me excitement that I am heading off on a Vacation.

How can you go on vacation when you are already retired? My OCD describes “vacation” as “A period of several days or weeks spent away from work or school etc., used especially for recreation and travel; a holiday.”

Well, that satisfies me.

School or Work implies “that which occupies me regularly”, and the “etc” covers my ritual activities in retirement of walking down to Ryerson University to collect the paper, off to the Library, free Noontime Concerts and so on. All of those will be missed while I am away – although whether they will miss me ...

And this is a period (but note NOT a “period of time” which is illogical) of several weeks spent away, and used for travel. In my case to Poissy where I hope to sit still each day for breakfast-and-a-journal and for supper-and-a-journal and in between - walking and conversation.

In the English sense a vacation is a holiday, from “holy-day” we are told, and today has been anticipated as eagerly as any child anticipates the holy-day of the parents (my case Christmas, Easter) with its flood of presents (and chocolate Easter eggs)

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4380.JPG

Before dropping off to sleep last night I whittled my ToDo list down to the remaining twenty items, each of which is easy to do, and will be crossed off with a pencil as it is completed.

This time tomorrow I will be wandering around the terminal at CDG, or standing in line at the counter to renew my Navigo pass, or on the RER to Châtelet Les Halles or the RER to Poissy, or else wandering around Poissy with my shoulder bag waiting to check in at the hotel. That, or riding around the region on one of the 30 bus lines that serve Poissy, which is but one of about fifty such towns that make the Ilê de France what it is ...