2016-09-05 Mon


Christopher Greaves IMG_20160901_201627167.jpg

Last Thursday I waked home down Yonge Street from north of Eglinton Avenue. The day had been warm and it was an easy stroll.

I resisted the temptation to drop in to the Harvey’s just north of St Clair Avenue because I’d gorged myself on a breakfast at the Mars Diner.

To the south, over lake Ontario, stormy clouds assembled.

The two new towers stood out brilliantly – this photo, as we say, doesn’t do it justice – reflecting the light that flooded from the lowering sunlight in the west.

The tower to the left is the almost-completed tower on the south-east corner of Bloor and Yonge.

Immediately in front of it (from our point of view) is the Hudson Bay company building. That used to be one of the twin landmarks for the Bloor-Yonge area.

I bet you can’t pick out the CIBC building that used to be the second landmark for the Bloor-Yonge area.

I think that the tall building on the right is just to the west of the Yorkville Public Library – my home branch.


... and that’s about it for me. Tomorrow I pack and go, so I doubt I’ll be in the mood for writing up a journal. I will be uploading draft images and text of my trip which starts in Poissy, and may remain in Poissy if the town is what I think it is. Otherwise, images and text will be uploaded from Coulommiers or Montereau or Melun or ...