2016-09-04 Sun


In preparation for my trip I am soaking all my Houseplants. All forty of them. I had thought I had about seventy, but I have instituted a program this past twelve months of taking a houseplant with me whenever I am invited to the home of a friend, and not bringing it (the houseplant) home with me. With just 48 hours to go before I walk out the door, I will achieve a rate of one houseplant per hour, or two per hour if I plan on sleeping two more nights.

To accelerate the process I have Shanghaied my Washing-up Bowl into service. I own two such bowls, each about twelve by fifteen inches. They are ideal for soaking houseplants.

Of course, without a washing-up bowl I had to use my Kitchen Sink with its Filter-Plug to wash my dishes.

How amazingly wonderful that was! For years I have used a washing-up bowl as a way of reducing my need for water and detergent. Now the twenty-four by eighteen inches sink is luxury!

I think Ill consider going this route in the future after a big Cooking and Baking day. Id forgotten how spacious the kitchen sink can be.