2016-09-03 Sat


So, how much matter does a Vermicomposter dispose of over a period?

I am heading off on vacation for a while. This morning I placed my bathroom scales next to the Vermicomposter tub and weighed myself while I was holding the tub or bin. It makes sense to carry the scales to the Vermicomposter bin.

Then I weighed myself without the bin.

The difference in weight comes to 36.0 lbs.

My scales measure to the nearest 0.2 pounds.

From this day until my return, Iíll not be placing any kind of scraps or paper into the bin.

I will weigh it once I return and see how much less it weighs.

I believe the loss in weight will be due mainly to loss of water, and in an almost immeasurably small part, due to loss of gases, mainly Oxygen and Nitrogen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Well, Iím back. Using the same technique to weight the bin I find that it weighs 33 pounds. It has lost mass at the rate of about one pound a week.