2016-09-02 Fri


The world has gone mad, totally mad.

A week or two ago I bought a smart phone – my first – and within ten days had pressed a wrong button. Back to the sales outlet and the problem was explained and fixed.

The original purchase and the recent fix-up were both such wonderful experiences that I felt it would be in order to write, and print, a letter and mail it to the President and Chief Executive Officer, The Manager Human Resources, and The Manager of the store. It’s how I was brought up. You name the sales clerks and hope that a copy of the letter goes in their files.

I had no problem drafting, editing and printing the letter.

All I needed was a mailing address for the Corporate Office.

Couldn’t find it no matter how I searched the web site of the firm, that shall remain nameless so as not to upset its main competitor who is Rogers.

In desperation I called the support line, an 866 number, waded through the menu system and was soon speaking with a young fellow who understood my predicament but said that he didn’t know the mailing address, and he was pretty certain that it was not on the web site.

Like the original sales staff who so impressed me he went off and searched - diligently I assume - but at the end of twelve minutes he admitted defeat.

This company does not receive mail through the post. In two separate documents, totaling forty (yes!) printed pages I found a reference to Mobile Services in Mississauga and in Dorval.

This company does believe in handing out paper (forty pages!) but doesn’t believe in receiving paper.

Canada Post should take note.