2016-09-01 Thu


Today was National Ultrasound Day; nothing to eat since 2a.m.; no coffee, no tea, just small sips of water. Off I go, and am seen at 10:20, out at 11:20, walk home and make lunch.

There is something erotic about being alone in a room, on a bed, near-naked, with a very pretty young woman smearing some type of Vaseline on my chest and throat, and then, in a voice with a foreign accent, telling me to roll on my side, on my back, to take a deep breath, to breathe out, breathe in, deeper, deeper, please.

It is very difficult (for me at least) not to think erotic thoughts about good-looking women, gently rubbing something as smooth as a well-oiled palm across my body, while murmuring “On your side; on your back; take a deep breath; breathe out; breathe in; deeper; deeper; please”

“What is your accent? What is your native language?”.


So we ended up with much laughter in between wandings, me insisting that she issue commands in Ukrainian and she hesitantly doing so and using hand gestures. An easy lesson.

I came away remembering only one phrase “Dujé Dobré”, and I am not at all sure that I have spelled it correctly, but I have the sound down perfectly because I have a musical ear. Still “Very good” is a phrase you can use almost anywhere to express approval.

I asked the lady if Ukrainian was similar to Polish (after all, Polish kings once ruled all the land from Lithuania to The Black Sea) and she said yes, so next time the Polish lady in the café serves me coffee, I shall say “Dujé Dobré” and watch her face closely.

On babelfish it comes out as:-Christopher Greaves DujeDobre.png