2016-08-31 Wed

Fully-Funded Public Transit

I continue to think about Fully-Funded Public Transit . If you can come up with a rational objection, please email me .

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Here we go again. I rode the Bloor train on Monday; nastily hot, but not, as Bianca Spence claims (her quote is obliterated by my date-stamp) “hard to breathe”.

Unless you already have respiratory problems and are taking the subway because walking takes your breath away.

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In this clip, Mayor John Tory is quoted as saying that the Toronto Transit Commission accelerate repairs while trimming its budget. Operating savings, he says, could be diverted to maintenance.


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I have begun a small Vermicomposter for a friend.

The kitty-litter pail has holes drilled in the bottom (the tray is the lid of another pail) and larger holes drilled in the top (air-passage is important).

Sitting in front of it is the smallest Vermicomposter I have ever maintained – it consists of shredded paper in an old lamb bulb.