2016-08-30 Tue

Canada Post

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We all know where this is going.

EBay Canada, one of Canada Post’s biggest customers (however “biggest” is measured”) wants the federal government to intervene in the Canada post dispute.

Note that this is “EBay Canada” as distinct to the giant “EBay” just to the south of us.

You can bet a hundred or more dollars (about a hundred regular postage stamps) that EBay (USA) is keeping a close eye on all of this.

Here is where this is going: “EBay Canada” is making plans (you can bet!) to quit Canada Post as its delivery vehicle and set up its own workforce, rather like UPS or FedEx so that EBay Canada’s customers won’t ever be threatened with non- or late-delivery of items ordered online.

Clear Thinking

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I wrote to The Editor of The Toronto Star:-

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Before 9/11 I used to scoot across the border like greased lightning at 6am on a Saturday morning, armed only with my British passport and my Canadian landed Immigrant document. No questions asked about that. No hassle. HaveAGoodDay.

After 9/11 I was hauled off to the immigration building on each entry to the USA, questioned, fingerprinted, green-form demanded, also $US6 in small bills, please – we hate making change.

Same lane (extreme right-hand) at Lewiston, same day of the week (Friday) same time of day (10:30 am), same car (Toyota Camry, beige), same driver (me), same passenger and owner (my friend), same purpose of visit (drive around NY state for three days). We even gave the same lie when they asked us where we were staying the first night (Hampton Inn, Painted Post) although we stopped going there when they reduced the breakfast and increased the price.

British? Finger Printing!

But once I took out Canadian Citizenship (and swore allegiance to Elizabeth Windsor for the third time in my life) and paid for a Canadian Passport, there was no need to get out of the car. Whisked through like the VIP I now am.

I am surely one of the few people in the world who obtained a Canadian Passport to make it easier for me to get OUT of the country.