2016-08-29 Mon

Fully-Funded Public Transit

I continue to think about Fully-Funded Public Transit . If you can come up with a rational objection, please email me .

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This article is headlined “Staff cuts risky”; the Toronto Transit Commission workers are calling on Toronto Transit Commission management to reconsider plans to remove guards from subway trains.

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WE are talking here about reducing the number of Toronto Transit Commission employees on the trains.

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And I note with interest that the introduction of the Presto system – if the Toronto Transit Commission ever gets it working (every other city has got it working, but Toronto continues to experience problems) will free up more workers.

So what?

So: The Toronto Transit Commission is currently, and has always redeployed its workers, as the working climate shifts.

Eliminating the fares sub-system will mean another small pool of employees that can be shifted into suitable jobs. It may well be that a kiosk operator can re-train to be a mechanic, and a mechanic can seize the opportunity to become a train driver. It will CONTINUE TO BE a bit like musical chairs, or apartment-switching. Once I leave my apartment, it is freed up for you to move in, and once you move in, someone can move into your old apartment.

And so it goes.

Don’t worry about the employment of the kiosk operators and turnstile-maintenance workers.

Clear Thinking

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The Canadian National Exhibition is this year introducing public toilets that are “revolutionary in their design”.

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I’ll say “revolutionary” all right!

You think that “revolutionary in their design” is all about being genderless, but I started using genderless toilets at home when I was about three years old.


What’s “revolutionary in their design” is that these toilets do not have a little “Occupied” sign/switch/symbol.

Quick now: When was the last time you used a public toilet that did NOT have a red “occupied” staring at you when it was in use?