2016-08-28 Sun


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I have almost lived in the Pair of Shoes I bought in Jacksonville in early 2014. I feel that they are the best shoes I have ever owned.

I bought TWO new pair this week, although, sadly, the style has changed. I am optimistic and hope that these new shoes will behave just like the old ones.

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One leg of mine is about a half-inch longer than the other which, by an amazing coincidence, is a half-inch shorter than the other!

Hence the uneven wear on the heel of my right-foot.

That will happen with my new shoes, too. For a little while I was enjoying the idea that I could rotate my shoes to even out the wear, but sadly, right-shoes are for right-feet only.

I had thought that today I would wear shoes “1” and “2”, and tomorrow I would wear shoes “2” and “3”, the next day “3” and “4” and so on in rotation. But there is no way I can fit “2” onto my right foot.


Why Toronto Trees Die

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Work continues along Gerrard Street. The New Concrete Sidewalks are in place so that Dump-Truck and Concrete-Truck Drivers won’t get shaken about as they enter the Building Sites.

The Spindly Excuses for Trees have had their holes filled in with road-making rubble – pebbles and clay, as you can see.

In Toronto, trees are a convenient dumping-place for Surplus Roadbed Material.

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On top of the pebbles and clay comes a grid to hold a finer-meshed grid.

Thick plastic sheeting will be laid over the clay and pebbles, and a walk-over steel mesh will be placed over the supporting grid.

And within four years the tree will have gown no taller at all, and will die.