2016-08-26 Fri

Fully-Funded Public Transit

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Tourism is on the rise, the conclusion after studying some strings of decimal digits.

I am not sure that the figures are for unique visitors, or whether some people visit Toronto more than once a year, and yet are registered as multiple visitors. I think of the happy crowd that cross the border to take in a baseball or a football game on the weekend.

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The study considers a Visitor to Toronto to be someone who arrives from the USA, or who arrives, practically always by air, from overseas.

People who fly in from British Columbia, or who drive here from Manitoba donít count as Visitors; presumably they are Family.

We are looking at about 3.6 million visitors in the first six months of this year, say about 7 million visitors per year for the entire year.

Now imagine that those 7 million visitors discover that Public Transit is Fully-Funded. Assume that the ones who drove in wonít take Public Transit. That leaves about 4 million who might take Public Transit.

Assume conservatively that only 20% of these visitors take public transit and spend money in the near and outer suburbs. Per-person $100, made up of a meal at a diner or family restaurant, and some impulse buying in a nearby store.

Thatís about 80 million dollars pumped into AND THROUGH the local economy. Also HST taxes, because it is my belief that very few visitors submit a claim for refund of sales tax paid while on vacation.