2016-08-25 Thu

Clear Thinking

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I struggle to find how a Non-Conviction I hold could be Offended.

What non-convictions do you hold?

I can have a conviction that the Earth is Flat, or I can have a conviction that the earth is not flat.

But how can I have a non-conviction that the earth is any shape at all?

Clear Thinking

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I don’t see how you can get around this logic:-

When one police officer (of whatever force) is charged with driving while drunk by another police officer, and the first officer is found to “bring discredit upon the reputation of the [Toronto] Police Service”, then it is seen that “bringing discredit” is a chargeable offence.

Driving while drunk is a crime; it is a bad thing; no matter who drives while drinking and gets caught, they should be charged and penalized in some way. (I can’t think of extenuating circumstances right now).

It must be true that anything else that “brings discredit” is a chargeable offence. Theft. Arson. Murder.

In particular, shooting to kill someone who is already immobilized by your earlier shots is seen to bring discredit to the Police Force.

Perhaps not everyone sees it as bringing discredit, but a significant proportion of the population believe that a mentally ill person needs help and treatment, not death.

Shooting to kill a mentally ill person brings discredit on the Police Force.

And by the statement quoted in the newspaper article, it should always bring charges against the Police Officer.