2016-08-24 Wed


I drove up to Collingwood this week, and of course, drove back.

I came back along Airport Road from Stayner through to Brampton and Mississauga.

Except for the towns and villages, the speed limit on Airport Road is eighty kilometres per hour. I drove at eighty kilometres per hour because I have nothing to prove.

I dont have a big problem with people who want to travel faster than the speed limit, say ten kilometres above the limit, but that 10% increase in speed represents a 20% increase in energy dissipated in a collision. Still and all ...

Three cars trailed me, we will call them A, B and C.

Here came a stretch where they could overtake, and so A, B, and C, being upset at having to be held up by me, overtook me.


As they set off a head of me, I noticed that B and C must still be upset, because they were still stuck behind A.

And A was still upset because he was being urged to go faster than he wanted to go by B and C.

In short, even after overtaking me, all three were still upset.