2016-08-23 Tue


I am stuck for time today, so hereís a short comment on one of todayís Random Wallpapers for my Computer Screen.

Christopher Greaves Home_20160823.jpg

We are looking into the Carriage of a Regional Train (probably an RER) in the IlÍ de France. A second carriage can be seen through the windows, but this is on a different train traveling in the opposite direction, or possibly the same direction but on a different (roughly parallel) line.

Look at the seats, circled in my photo.

In Off-Peak Hours you pull down the hinged seat portion and, well, sit on it.

In peak hours you stand, you donít sit, but the edge of the hinged seat is wide enough for you to rest your bum on for at least part of the trip.

When not in use, the seat flips up which makes for a Wider Entrance way and encourages people to move away from the door, if they are going to be seated.