2016-08-21 Sun

9-21 Grenville Street

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The external construction elevator rails are still being removed. In this photo almost all have been removed. In this photo the elevator cars are almost down to eye-level. Admittedly the eyes are on the fourth-floor of an apartment building..

One car has a small crane mounted, so that each toothed rail can be hoisted, presumably into the other car which carries a load of rails down to street level.

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Here is a wider-angle view. About ten floors to go.

And we have a clearer view of the two lowest floors. It seems as if we are going to be blessed with two more bath-and-bedding stores in the district.

Clear Thinking

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I don’t yet have a heading for “False Advertising”, and anyway, this isn’t an advertisement.

Who really thinks that Niagara Falls is 12 minutes away?

If you were riding a satellite in near-earth orbit (I know, I know!) it would take you something of the order of six seconds to pass from Toronto to Niagara Falls. Assuming, of course, that the satellite was traveling in orbit directly above Toronto to a point directly above Niagara Falls. Add 90 minutes for each orbit until you DO pass directly above your destination.

But it is ludicrous to suggest it is a six-second trip without taking into account the time to launch and land the spaceship.

Likewise it is ludicrous to suggest that a trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls is a mere twelve minutes without taking into account the time for the plane to taxi to take-off and taxi-from landing.

Also the time it takes to check-in and board (a short time compared to international standards for sure, but allow fifteen minutes at the very least at each end).

Add in the time to travel to and from the airport.

Snap Quiz (1) How long will it take you to travel by car (and park!) or by Toronto Transit Commission to the Island Airport?

Snap Quiz (2) How long will it take you to travel by car or public transit from the airport at Niagara Falls to wherever you are going?

Snap Quiz (3) Just where is the airport at Niagara Falls? (I know how to find the airport at Niagara Falls New York, but not the airport at Niagara Falls Ontario).

Snap Quiz (4) Does Niagara Falls have a public transit system?

Just sayin’


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