2016-08-20 Sat


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A late entry, I know, but I have been dithering about whether to put this under Clear Thinking.

For sure, when a country exits from a rather large and serious commitment, the lawyers will get rich.

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The suggestion is that to negotiate Britainís disruption between its Commonwealth Partners, Britain should employ its Commonwealth partnersí lawyers.

Seems a bit strange to me.

Rather like asking your ex-wifeís new husband to advise you on dispersal of the joint assets.


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I fielded a question last week about helping a little old lady lift a tray/bin of Wet Soil and Castings.

Wet soil is not only heavy, but it makes a terrible mess on your floor if you drop it.

I agreed to go out and lend two hands, if called upon to do so.

Then I thought about it: Why, in 20 years of Vermicomposting, have I never put out my back lifting a great mass of wet soil and castings?

The answer is that I have never lifted a great mass of wet soil and castings!

I made myself a handy scoop from (in this case) and Old Corn-Oil Bottle, and I scoop the material, a pound at a time, before moving the now near-empty tray.