2016-08-18 Thu

Smart Phone

More than a year has passed since I felt that it was time for me to upgrade from my $28/month voice phone (“flip-top”) system. Yesterday I finished my homework and chose BELL as my supplier and a Moto-X Smartphone as my travel companion.

The process of the suppliers switching me over is not completed; I can dial long-distance on my new phone, but local calls still go to my old phone. If this doesn’t get cleared up by tomorrow I’ll have to but a dozen new dress shirts, shirts with two pockets instead of one.

I lay on my bed after lunch swiping, stroking, sliding and so on, when a screen popped up and read “Say something to Google”, so I said, out loud, “Where is Niagara Falls Airport?” because I know where the airport is in Niagara falls new York State, but not the one in Ontario.

Shows you how much I know – there are TWO airports in Niagara Falls Ontario. So Google Maps indicates as a direct result of this new Smartphone being able to interpret my mongrel accent of English, Australian, and Canadian.

I have retreated to my old familiar laptop to type this up. I feel comfortable here.

Shopping for shoes

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4321.JPG

I bought this pair of shoes in Florida January 2014. I have practically lived in them since then. Worn the soles right through to the extent that I dare not wear these shoes if there is a chance of rain. I wore them all around the Ilê de France.

I thought it would be simple: Email a photo and a letter to the Manufacturer in the USA and receive back a quote for two pairs.


I received a kind reply suggesting I key in my postal code to their web page. That shot back about Two Dozen Stores within Walking Distance of my home.

I have visited six or seven of these stores so far. Not one has these shoes. They had them last week “but they are all sold out”. They have “never seen that style before”, and various other stories.

Only one store responded to my statement that I had a pocket full of Banknotes and a desire for two pairs, this style, this colour, this size; no need to discuss fit either. That store promised to get back to me, but has not.

I despair.

I had thought it would be so easy to say ‘I am a satisfied customer and would like to remain so”, but nowadays it seems that stores (and manufacturers) want to sell only what stock they have. There is no interest in retaining a customer.