2016-08-17 Wed


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After lunch we went to a nearby Steak-Pie and Coffee Shop and enjoyed a cup of tea.

The Tea-Bag was most strange.

It was about five inches long – taller than the white tea mug – and came with no string.

I imagine that it is cheaper to produce a single-piece tea-bag than have a Complicated Machine capable of stapling a piece of string to a smaller bag and to a paper tag at the other end of the string.


Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4320.JPG

The continuing saga of the Painting Job.

Our painter returned to paint the Doors to the Stairwell, and thoughtfully taped some Green Masking Tape with “Wet Paint!” written on it, to each door.

A week later, someone has thoughtfully removed the green masking tape and in the process ripped the new paint from the door.

The door was not prepared in any way at all, of course. My mother taught me “Wash, Sand, Wash, Rinse” before painting.

Our new film of blue paint is just that - a film. Easily peeled away.