2016-08-11 Thu

The Second Amendment

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Of course, now that I am studying the history of the Second Amendment my eyes are drawn to every article.

This from the Globe And Mail of Tuesday, August 02, 2016.

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I find it significant that this is a State Law; that the states have the power to set gun laws, in particular that the state (in this case Texas) has the power to allow individuals to Bear Arms.

So I think that I should find it significant that this these states have the power to set gun laws, in particular that the state (in this case Texas) has the power to disallow individuals from Bearing Arms.

Notwithstanding the hue-and-cry about one’s inalienable (federal) right as an individual to bear arms, clearly you also need permission from your State to bear arms.

Or not.

GO/STOP Transit

I shot off to College subway station Tuesday, intending to travel to Eglinton and \Northern Districts Library.

Dropped my ticket in the turnstile, grabbed a transfer (out of good habit) walked down to the platform in time to hear an announcement that the trains were now not running.

Back Upstairs I went to the kiosk with my transfer (Hooray!) and asked for a refund.

The operator gave me an emergency transfer which states I have to use it within an hour of issue, but there is no date or time on it.

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Which made me think about Winter.

Winter will soon be on us, and snow and ice, as I have experienced Lo! These past thirty-three years in Toronto.

And the Scarborough LRT will stop operating (who knew when we built it back in 1983-84 that it was going to SNOW in Toronto?!!) and the GO Transit trains will cease to run (because we still haven’t quite worked out what to do when snow falls onto the railway lines).

GO stands for “Government of Ontario”, so we shouldn’t be surprised at this ineptitude.

Of course “GO” conveys the idea of motion, too. Clever use of words to make people think they have a good transit system.

I propose that during the winter months we should rebrand the regional system to reflect more accurately who is paying for not having a train.

We should call it “Subsidized by Taxpayers of the Ontario Province”, and be honest with ourselves.