2016-08-10 Wed

Construction Sites

The site on Wellesley/Breadalbane sports two tower cranes, easily visible from one of my windows.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4296.JPG

That’s the YMCA building in the foreground, and the tall building in the centre of the photo has re-opened the laneway (St Luke?) that has been closed Lo! These past three years.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4296a.jpg

I sketched out how I think my view will be curtailed once these two condominium towers are completed four years from now.

I made the height about 30% taller than the completed condominium on the grounds that the new towers are so much closer to me.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4296b.jpg

Of course, if it is a condominium block instead of twin towers ...


Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4297.JPG

Apart from the Ongoing Confusion with the Verb “to be” (“Your brains are hungry, so find a book and give it a snack”) which may be a Typographical Error, I found the quote entertaining.