2016-08-08 Mon


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The more time I spend learning foreign languages, the better I understand English.

In Spanish, I have learned, I can drop the personal pronouns in the Present Indicative but retain it for emphasis.

“Soy Australiano”, but (proudly!) “Yo Soy Australiano!”

In English “I am Australian” but “Me, I am Australian!”

French people, when they are in a hurry to move on, can say “Je suis en retard”, but I have heard them utter “Suis en retard”


Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4291.JPG

To the left, out of the photo, is the site for the new condominium on the south-west corner of Grenville and Yonge Streets. At the left-hand side of the photo is the nearly completed condominium at 9-21 Grenville Street.

So two construction sites with trucks rolling up at all hours (quite literally) of the day and night.

And over the past few days, scaffolding going up on the face of The Galleries. It looks as if The Galleries will have a face-cleaning.

So besides the two condo sites we have been treated to truckloads of scaffolding being unloaded, tubular-bell by tubular bell tossed one at a time from the truck to a heap, from that heap to another heap, and so on, with a heap made at each level as the scaffolding climbs higher.

It seems as if the tubular-bell non-symphony is ended.

My bet is that soon we will be treated to a day-long tuba-like composition of air-compressors driving high-powered hoses to sand- or water-blast the façade.

The third movement will be tubular bells, again, as the scaffolding is brought down.