2016-08-04 Thu

Police Tactics

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Another back-skinned man dead and the police in attendance.

It is not clear to me what happened, whether he was violent, appeared to have a weapon, a “past history” or what.

It seems obvious to me that the man’s health (and ultimately his life) was NOT the top priority of the police in attendance.

So much for “Serve And Protect”

We are told that at least eight minutes passed before the police attempted to revive him.

So much for “Serve And Protect”

We are told that one doctor estimated that the man had been dead for 45 minutes before he arrived in Intensive Care. And I note that he may have arrived in Emergency/Triage well before 45 minutes..

So much for “Serve And Protect”

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But too you know that this death-while-in-custody has been going on for over ten years, and after each incident, hands are wrung and claims are made that “we must resolve this”.

But since we repeat those actions over and over again, expecting different results each time, we are arguably insane.

And just so’s you know, it is the mentally unstable who seem at most risk at the hands of the police.

My Vacation

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I am already in Poissy, and have been there for a month. It is only my body which remains in Toronto.

I experience this “split” each time I go away. In my mind I am imagining (fantasizing if you prefer) what it will be like. I can see the café, the hotel, the bus; I can carry on a conversation with an imaginary waiter or fellow-passenger.

And sadly I can relate all too well to the great delays in embarking and disembarking because of all the STUFF that people lug when they go on holidays.

I like my holidays to be a time of unburdening, so I have just my shoulder satchel.