2016-08-03 Wed

The Second Amendment

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I was intrigued, too, by a phrase in this letter (papers from the same weekend; this is NOT a six-month collection, but a small sample of one day)

I don’t know how true it is/was that the Sheriff required the Surrender of Guns when you rode in to town. It would make sense, of course, especially with a bunch of Cowboys who were planning to get drunk.

I used this “sheriff” phrase in my conversation last week, but now I wonder whether it is largely a myth, propagated by the Cheap Cowboy Comics I read at ages ten through thirteen.

The Second Amendment

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My correspondent made a few points about Policing, pointing out that in Medieval England a person would go to the sheriff and Lodge a Complaint; the sheriff would then go out and investigate the complaint.

Today we have a model in which the police lay stress on Preventing Crime before it happens.

I’m not sure which is the better model, perhaps a hybrid is called for.

One thing I am sure of: Allowing the population to be individually armed cannot make it easy for the police.

Likewise, nowadays, giving a Toy Gun to a kid is tantamount to being an accomplice in the murder of same kid.