2016-08-02 Tue

The Second Amendment

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I continue to enjoy my discussion with an electronic friend focused on the second amendment.

Here is an article from the weekend papers.

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The article points out that the 2014 violent crime rate appears to be down from a peak in 1991, but that seems a bit fatuous to me fatuous to me.

If I tell you that my Body Mass Index is down to 27 from 28, that’s good, but doesn’t really bear on my goal – which is to get my BMI down to 25.

A violent crime rate that stands at 366/100,000 down from 758/100,000 is good, but it does draws focus away from the Real Goal which should be to reduce the figure to 0/100,000.

The Second Amendment

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A page of one paper was devoted to Problems in the USA.

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Someone named “Douglas Buck” made an interesting point, one that I’ve heard before, that the authors of the Second Amendment were thinking in terms of muzzle-loading muskets, or their near-equivalents; simple rifles.

Of course, you could have been a mass-killer if you had stashed by your side a small collection of already-loaded muzzle-loading muskets, but your potential for damage was limited, compared to that of greeting a subway train with an automatic war gun.