2016-07-28 Thu

Driverless Cars

Making anything smart enough to deal with Moronic Human Habits (straying out of lanes, running stop-signs, speeding, tailgating etc) is a pointless waste of R&D resources.

How much cheaper, surely, to do away with drivers and use a simple Embedded Smart Cable in the Road Lane and (probably) existing computing power in the car?

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In The Globe and Mail the story of a so-called Driverless car slicing off the head (I assume that's what happened) of its driver.

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The reason given for the "accident" is that the eyes of the Driverless car could not distinguish the white trailer (turning across the path of the car) from the white background of the sky.

I daresay that is a reason for a few other “accidents".

I maintain my claim that if the Vehicles were connected to a Cable or WiFi system that allowed the Vehicles Computers to chat to one another, rather than rely on a Stand-Alone Algorithm would have delayed either the car's, or the truck's, entry into the intersection.

That is, relying on incoming signals that have to be interpreted before being used in decision-making is not as good as relying on signals that carry raw meaning.

I note too that "The death in May of Joshua Brown, 40, of Canton, Ohio, was the first known fatality in a Vehicle being Operated By Computer Systems" means that the ratio of such deaths compared to deaths that currently occur on (say) roads in the USA is, to use my word-of-the-day. miniscule.

( I think Road Fatalities in the USA are of the order of a thousand a week)


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We had a small Presentation in Our Buildings Garden Court last week.

I worked hard to restrain my Teenage Impulse to Water-Bomb the speaker, and succeeded.

Construction Sites - Edward Street (World’s Biggest Bookstore)

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Our sixteenth construction site used to be The World’s Biggest Bookstore.

The building was closed about two years ago and then leveled in November 2015?

We are waiting to see what will happen.

Quite possibly there is a shortage of cranes !