2016-07-27 Wed


Today is Pension Day. Since last November I have been engaged in a struggle to get Service Canada to pay BOTH cheques into the one bank account.

Earlier this month I wrote to my local Member of Parliament who happens to be the Federal Minister of Finance. I had this vague idea that he might be able to help.

I figure that he is busy balancing things like Budgets and Trade Deficits, but that he may have a junior intern on his staff who could write to Service Canada on Bill Morneauís letter-head.

God knows.

I canít get Service Canada to deposit cheques properly.

Today we will see what we will see.

Construction Sites - College Park park

When I moved downtown four years ago, this park was a mess. For four years it has been a mess.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4212.JPG

Today it is an inaccessible mess, and my walk to Ryerson University each morning has been fenced off. Now I must walk down Bay to Gerrard, or down Yonge to Gerrard.

To make things worse, I suspect that the folks who used to walk their dogs (and frequently pick up the dog shit) are now forced to walk their dogs on Bay Street sidewalks, where they frequently pick up the dog shit.

This work seems to proceed in parallel with the slow-moving renovation inside College Park. The shopping area is disrupted while the workers go home in the afternoons and weekends.

Christopher Greaves Home_1607-084734.jpg

I walked up between the two buildings on the south side because for the first time in six months the workings (or non-, as you see fit) were visible.

The entire park is dug up and out of bounds for the summer.

Itís just that there appears to be no work going on at all.

Christopher Greaves Home_1607-084625.jpg

Here is a close-up of the sign that appears to the left in the previous photo.

Christopher Greaves Home_1607-084640.jpg

And here is a close-up of the other sign that appears to the right in the earlier photo.

Christopher Greaves Home_1607-084701.jpg

Desolation, but no work going on, and no equipment either. Thatís a sure sign that the work has been abandoned. Then of course they wonít be able to do anything over the winter, ...

Christopher Greaves Home_1607-084712.jpg

There used to be a grove of pine trees here, a very small cluster of perhaps a dozen trees.

Those trees are gone. There appears to be no thought of leaving ďlungsĒ in place.