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The Second Amendment

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I am this month wallowing in the luxury of having access to a rational resident of Texas (they are not rare!) and am carrying on a dialogue about The Second Amendment..

To my delight this letter appeared in Saturday’s Toronto Star and makes I think an excellent point.

For some people in the U.S.A. The Second Amendment is held in holy awe as the Word Of God which surpasseth all others.

Transit Shambles in Ontario

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Steven Del Duca, Provincial (and provincial) Minister of Transportation takes the stand to declare that things are better than we imagine.

Steven Del Duca, Provincial (and provincial) Minister of Transportation should get out more.

I don’t deny that some things are happening, or might happen sometime in the future, but there remains far too much that is not only not right, but is not being corrected, or is not being re-jigged to work properly.

“The Union Pearson Express is also complete” he is quoted as saying. How can something be “also complete”, except that it came in at far too high a fare, a fare which was welcomed with cries of outrage. Also, it is a dinky-toy shuttle that runs only between YYZ and the vicinity of Union Station. It is rather like an extended version of the shuttle that runs to the Park’N’Ride. Union Pearson Express does NOT provide easy access to the Toronto Transit Commission system or GO buses (a five- and seven-minute walk in each case, pushing a stroller and dragging a suitcase. I had reason to visit YYZ last week, and could not see the point of taking the Toronto Transit Commission to Union Station just to take the UPX to the airport. Since I was already on the subway, it made more sense to go directly to Kipling and take the bus.

“The deployment of Presto across the Toronto Transit Commission” drags slowly on. Until the last vehicle is equipped with Presto, passengers will need to carry tokens or tickets in case they need to board an unfitted vehicle. Presto was delayed for years while the Toronto Transit Commission bleated that it was (and is) different from every other transit system in the world (I agree with them!) and therefore needed its own in-house-designed form of payment (what a load of crap!). back on the 14th July the Toronto Star ran an article describing further complications with its fare policy and Presto cards.

Those two examples serve to demonstrate a much bigger problem: We have Metrolinx. Metrolinx is touted as the province’s agency for overseeing transportation projects, especially in the GTA and surrounding region (“Southern Ontario” if you like), and yet Metrolinx continues to be upstaged by each independent transit authority.

If UP Express wants to charge this fee, well, let’ em. If the UP Express designers decide that the train will be a child-like toy-train shuttle and not be part of the GO system, well let’ em. If Bombardier wants to drag its heels on streetcar delivery, well, that’s the Toronto Transit Commission’s problem, not a matter for the heavy weight of the Province of Ontario.

Metrolinx acts like a paid teacher standing at the back of the room while the kids fight and scream.

What we need is a provincial agency with guts.

And a Minister of Transportation with the guts and the know-how to get on top of things.

Construction Sites - Selby Street

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Our fifteenth construction site is opposite one of my favorite supermarkets.

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Here I am leaving the No-Frills at Bloor and Huntley street. To my left is a relatively new building site. I will turn to my right, cross the road, and walk the back lanes home with my groceries.

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Selby Street