2016-07-24 Sun

Clear Thinking

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More about so-called Driverless Cars, Autopilots, Driver-Assist and so on.

I maintain that the real solution lies in each vehicle having a Computerized Controller that communicates computerized controllers in nearby cars. Wi-Fi or Cable-in-the-Roadway, or a combination.

Take all control out of individual hands and trust the Algorithms.

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But I digress.

What, Iíd like to know, is so special about having the Driverís Hands on the Steering Wheel?

In current vehicles drivers are supposed to have both hands on the steering wheel, and where has that got us?

With ďauto-pilotĒ or similar, the driver might have both hands on the wheel, precluding the opportunity to complete a jigsaw puzzle in the back seat, but you can be sure that the driver has engaged autopilot because he wants to focus his attention on something else.

And it doesnít matter whether that something else is the curvy blonde in the passenger seat or the spectacular scenery outside, auto-pilot is engaged because I donít want to waste my time on actually making decisions about driving.

Construction Sites (13) Ė 50 Wellesley Street East

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I wrote up this site on Sunday 24th April this year.

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Here is a close-up shot of the building of about eight storeys, immediately to the north of the construction site.

I feel sorry for the residents. For many years they have enjoyed their bay-window sun-rooms and balconies. Within a year, two at most, they will be staring (or choose not to stare) at a glass-walled condominium about twenty feet from their own small place.

There will be practically no more sunlight for their house plants.