2016-07-22 Fri

Toronto City Council – Not Dysfunctional

Toronto City Council is not Dysfunctional; it is functional. It’s just that the “n” is silent.

Here is more proof:

Christopher Greaves HMLRTcorridormapR6_June2014.jpg

“The final Preliminary Design ...” has been published , reports SAN GREWAL - Urban Affairs Reporter.

This LRT runs from the Lakeshore (well, OK, from Port Credit GO station which is north of Lakeshore Boulevard which is north of the body of water called “Lake Ontario”) all the way to Brampton via Mississauga Town Centre.

Twenty-six stops on the twenty-three kilometres route.

“The roughly $1.3 billion the province has dedicated to building the 22-stop Hurontario LRT is just a fraction of the billions Mayor Bonnie Crombie says will pour into the corridor to construct future transit, other infrastructure and unparalleled private-sector investments” says Grewal.

“The more than $3.1 billion Toronto City Council will dedicate to building the 1-stop Scarborough Subway extension is just a waste of money” says Chris Greaves, pensioner of Toronto. He continues “Especially as the province offered to build an LRT at no expense to the city”.

It is hard to find words to describe the difference between the city of Toronto (and hence Toronto City Council) and any other city of any size.

Ed Sajecki’s mouth runs off a bit. The man in charge of planning and building Mississauga is quoted in the same article as saying “You will be able to get to The Lakeshore in 10 to 15 minutes ...” but he doesn’t say where FROM!

He can’t mean from Brampton, because allowing a 30% loss of time for each stop, that would mean the LRT travels the equivalent of 30 Km in 15 minutes, or 120 Km/hour.

He could mean from Square One in Mississauga, because still allowing a 30% loss of time for each stop, that would mean the LRT travels (my estimate) the equivalent of 12 Km in 15 minutes, or 48 Km/hour, which seems reasonable.

All this assumes, of course, that Bombardier can provide the vehicles.

Which they have proven themselves unable to do as far as Toronto’s streetcars are concerned.

Still, Toronto City Council isn’t too worried about that, so why should we be worried?

Hah hah.

Toronto might still get its space shuttle to the moon before Brampton LRT is running!

Construction Sites - The Brit on Yonge Street

Christopher Greaves ConstructionSites_11.png

Our eleventh Construction Site Is a building being renovated on Bay Street. I recall this building being emptied (“Grand sale! All mattresses and TVs Must Go!!!!!) About two years ago.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4221.JPG

From Breadalbane street you can see the blue crane atop the Brit, just to left of centre in this photo. As well you can see the job Christie made with black plastic mesh.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4234.JPG

Here is a view from the west side of Bay Street looking East. This little laneway is a favorite spot for dump trucks, concrete trucks, and sporty little cars driven way too fast by young idiots who think that they are invincible.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4238.JPG

And here is the view towards the south, towards Wellesley Street.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4240.JPG

A closer view of Christies work. That’s the tower cranes shaft peeking coyly above the building.

Looks very much like the Crimson Insurance Company’s headquarters, doesn’t it?