2016-07-21 Thu

Failures in Marketing

Christopher Greaves Mobilicity.png

It’s been a good ride with Mobilicity, only $28.25 per month for the past, what? Three? Four years. Pretty cheap. I get voice communications, voice-mail (although they delete all voice-mails after ten days, whether you have read or not).

Here’s their latest solution – after letting me pay by electronic banking all this time, they will cease to allow that as a payment option.

The logo at the top-left of the notice claims “Now that’s smart”.

I don’t find it so.

The mechanisms for receiving payment by electronic transfer must all be in place by now, and must be well-tested and practically bug-free.

Customers like me who have elected to pay by that channel are probably not going to react kindly to having to switch to another form of payment.

I don’t like automatic payments (unless they are TOWARDS me!), and certainly don’t want to leave it Mobilicity to ding me accurately each month, and to stop when I change my phone supplier.

Which might happen before the end of this month.

Construction Sites - Charles and Sultan streets

Christopher Greaves ConstructionSites_10.png

Our tenth Construction Site is just outside the Yonge/Bay corridor and has a small distinction – mixed tower cranes – luffing and gantry.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4231.JPG

The red-brick building on the south-west corner of Charles and Sultan streets is a small University residence or Apartments. The residents will now find their sunlight eliminated almost altogether.