2016-07-19 Tue


Last Friday I suggested that Toronto Transit be made free for everyone – Citizens and Visitors alike – using the same principle as the Police Force, Libraries, Roads, Sidewalks and so on.

Today I Think that there is nothing special about Toronto. The argument for Toronto could be made for an adjacent city such as Mississauga or Ajax.

The argument for Toronto could be made for any city in Ontario, indeed across Canada.

And why stop there? Every city I have lived in or visited has allowed me free use of the roads, sidewalks, libraries, police, parks and benches, and free lunch-time music concerts.

Why not add transit to that set, and fund it in the same manner? You don’t hear the Parks Department counting how many times someone has sat on a bench. Nor do the police tally how many times they have been asked for Directions. It is true that most organizations take tallies – Libraries regularly Survey what is being placed back on their shelves – and while this contributes towards funding requests, the same population of citizens and visitors affects the tallies.

Construction Sites - Yonge and Bloor South-West corner

Christopher Greaves ConstructionSites_08.png

Our eighth Construction Site was a coup de terrain last Winter.

Before anyone could protest, a Wrecking Crew did enough damage to the old building that, well, we may as well tear it all down now.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4227.JPG

True to form, the Sidewalk is Constricted to a width that allows just two people.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4228.JPG

Here is the view from the north-west corner looking south. I have walked directly under the “The” of “The One” on the left-hand side, and turned to take this shot.

The building that appears here will mask the view of the old CIBC tower as surely as did the building on the south-east corner.