2016-07-18 Mon

How to Prove Your Point

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4217.JPG

I used to spend most of my outside-the-home mobility driving a car. In my hay-day (as in “Make hay while the sun shines”) I ran through a tank of gas every two days. A Hyundai Excel. That’s about 350Km per day.

I now spend most of my outside-the-home mobility walking around downtown Toronto. Downtown as in “Queens Quay to Eglin ton and Bathurst to Parliament”) .

I have ridden bikes on and off from age 11 through to age 65, some of it long-distance (100 miles per day for six days) but mostly suburban (Perth W.A.; Gawler S.A., Singapore and Toronto Ontario).

I no longer count or comment on the number of pedestrians who, mid-block on the sidewalk, are prepared to walk right into me.

I occasionally step to one side, but more commonly to prove a (belligerent) point, I let them wake up and step to one side.

This usually causes a collision in the adjacent path of pedestrians.

If it were up to me, I’d automatically disable Smart Phones whenever the user was within, say, twenty feet of any other use of a Smart Phone.

Think what that would mean:-

(1) We’d need exceptions, of course, for surgeons in hospitals (but what did they do before they had Smart Phones?) and police at collision scenes (but what did they do before they had Smart Phones?) and (but what did they do before they had Smart Phones?)

(2) Unless you were the only patron in a restaurant, you’d have to focus on your meal and your companion (or in my case, my book)

(3) You couldn’t take movies at shows, which means you couldn’t annoy all the people sitting behind you.

(4) You’d have an opportunity to think-while-you-walk (after you’d got through the initial period of gnashing your teeth)

Construction Sites - Yonge and Bloor South-East corner

Christopher Greaves ConstructionSites_07.png

I have made too many photos of this building, as it grew above the old Hudson’s Bay Store, from the north side as I made my way up to St Clair Avenue on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4226.JPG

This shot doesn’t do it justice in terms of its ability to deny those offices which enjoyed stunning views of the downtown core.