2016-07-14 Thu

Construction Sites – Bay and Gerrard

Christopher Greaves ConstructionSites_03.png

Our third construction site, marked with a purple blob, is on the south-west corner of Bay and Gerrard Streets.

Excavation started about a year ago. The tower crane has been in place for two months at least.

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Toronto Council and the Toronto Transit Commission

It ought to be almost impossible to find a city that squanders its opportunities as does Toronto.

First we vote in Rob Ford who brays his “Subways, Subways, Subways” rallying cry for Political Ends, rather than for the good of the city.

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Then we elect John Tory (Rob Ford exits stage right) and John Tory decides to draft in the wake of the subway cry and push for a $3,200,000,000 station. That’s three times the Juno Mission, just for a Single Subway Station.

By the way, the Juno mission is in orbit and working just fine, thanks to NASA. Apparently it IS rocket science!

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As usual politicians demonstrate their inability to Think Rationally. Who wants straight-thinking when votes are to be won, right? The hell with the city.

The fatuous argument-of-the-day is that an LRT would “cost almost as much as the subway”.

Let me spell it out for Tory-and-the-dumbos:

You can get a Seven-Stop Transit System that joins points “A” and “B”, or you can get a One-Stop Transit System that joins points “A” and “B”

And it costs you the same whether it has seven stops or only one stop.

Quick now: Which is the better scheme?

That’s right! Toronto-the-truly-stupid would rather have a single stop route than have one that serves seven stops.

And as you will note from the little chunk outlined above, at one time the province offered to pay for the cost and maintenance of the LRT.

Toronto-the-truly-stupid turned that offer down.

Toronto-the-truly-stupid said “No, we’d rather not have the money; we’d rather spend ANOTHER five years arguing back and forth amongst ourselves.

Go on!

I double-dare you to find a city that can screw up transit faster than can Toronto.

I’m not saying that Toronto should be canned mind you ...