2016-07-11 Mon

Canada Post

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... continues to play cat-and-mouse with the union, which continues to play cat-and-mouse with Canada Post.

Meanwhile (as noted yesterday ) while the cat and mouse play, the Big Cheese goes away to another supplier.

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There you have it. Parcel Volumes Ė supposedly Canada Postsís life line for the future Ė are down 80%.

Canada Post has posted so-called profits over the past 12 or 18 months, based on the one-off hike of rates for Postage Stamps which triggered a temporary surge of cash.

Having ridden/surfed the wave of cash to the beach, Canada Post is surely going to find itself stranded like a beached dinosaur, with nothing in which to float.

Some of the drivers will find jobs with FedEx and UPS, Iím sure.

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I think it is called Karma when justice is served.

It is fundamentally just to have people out-of-work side-by-side getting the same compensation.

Zero Dollars Per Hour; Per Week; Per Month; Per Year

I think that if I was working at Canada Post, Iíd want equal pay for equal work.

But more than that Iíd want a job.