2016-07-06 Wed

Toronto Police

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From the Toronto Star June 30th.

That Toronto Police are gun-happy is well known. They seem to use a mentally ill person for target practice about once a year.

In July 2013 it was Sammy Yatin, trapped and imprisoned in a street car who was shot to death by Constable Forcillo.

My guess was that Forcillo graduated from the shooting range with high honours, because his first three shots got the heart, head, and spine, if memory serves me well.

Now the Toronto Star reports that “Since Yatim’s death, 19 more people have been –”.

July 2013 to July 2016 is three years. Thirty-six months.

About every two months, someone gets shot dead by Police in Ontario.

About every two months, Police in Ontario shoot someone dead.

And note that that is “shot dead”, not just “shot”.


Discussion continues in the Broadcast Media about the USA, its Predilection for Guns, and the Second Amendment.

Which made me think.

It’s “The Second Amendment To The Constitution”, isn’t it?

That means that it is NOT The Constitution.

It is an amendment.

It is a change.

So why, in the name of all who have died by guns in, oh, say the past five years, not Amend the Amendment?