2016-07-05 Tue

Service Canada – the Bill and Bob face-off

Today I made the trek once again down to Parliament Street with a sheaf of papers documenting the latest sorry saga of Service Canada’s ineptitude.

My envelope contained a one-page cover letter to Bill Morneau and about three dozen pages of documentation. I don’t expect Bill to wade through all of this, but since the matter is concerning me and a federal department I want him to read the letter.

So I ask the Nice Receptionist if it will all go to him. Yes. I don’t expect that he will deal with it. Quite so, he will hand it off to a clerk. But will he get to read the one-page cover letter. Yes.

What more can I ask for?

The Nice Receptionist makes four or five lines of notes in her spiral-bound desk diary, so my package has been acknowledged. Theory is this letter will accompany the weekly mail-run to Ottawa (tell me that they don’t still use the Pony Express!) and in theory will be in Ottawa on Thursday.

My feelings/prediction: I think it reasonable that within two weeks, say by Tuesday 19th July this year, I ought to have back some sort of written assurance that from now on:-

(1) Both pension cheques will go into the BMO account

(2) Someone has been detailed to track down why one cheque kept boomeranging into the RBC account.

By now, of course, no matter what assurance I get, I know that it will take a minimum of two consecutive months of correct payment for me to entertain hopes that this soggy sago might be over and done with.

But given that we are talking about Service Canada I have grave doubts,

Toronto’s Trees

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4179.JPG

I continue to moan about Toronto’s inability to grow serious trees.

Here is yet another stump – lopped off at shoulder height by the “b” team whose job it is to follow the “a” team whose job it is to wander the city streets marking trees that have to be lopped off at shoulder-height by the “b” team.

Like many other stumps before it, this stump knows more about trees than do the “a” or “b” teams. This stump this stump has decided that it is NOT dead, and has sent out what look to me to be pretty healthy shoots.

Nonetheless, in a few months time, the city’s “c” team will come along and uproot the tenacious stump, then after a few months the city’s “d” team will come long and plant a new (but much junior tree).

And that is why Toronto will never have the tall and gracious trees that are so normal in World Class Cities.

Still, when you need to burn up your budget allocation of mega-dollars in order to get the same amount next year, what ya gonna do?