2016-07-04 Mon

Service Canada – the Bill and Bob face-off

Over the past five years I have learned three basic truths

(1) Showing up in person at a Service Canada is a pointless exercise and a waste of time. I have had a representative of Service Canada tell me that I should never go to a Service Canada counter because they "don't know what WE know; they don't have full access to OUR database ...".

(2) Telephoning Service Canada is a pointless exercise and a waste of time. I have spent many hours on the phone, on hold because “all of our staff are busy”, and all of the staff are busy because they are dealing with people like me who need to make half a dozen separate calls to effect a simple change that should take five minutes and one telephone call.

(3) If you want to get something done at Service Canada you have to write to your Member of Parliament (in my case Mr Bill Morneau), and even than it can take your MP five to six months to light the fuse.

But I am nothing if not tenacious. Members of Parliament come and go; I remain, still trying to straighten out my woes with Service Canada.

On June 28th Service Canada managed yet again to deposit money into an account which, they claim, they don’t know about.

Either today (Monday) or tomorrow I will make the trek once again down to Parliament Street with a sheaf of papers documenting the latest sorry saga of Service Canada’s ineptitude. Let’s see if Bill can beat Bob’s record.

Governments that Can’t Plan, or Can’t Think, or Both

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4180.JPG

It seems to me that every couple of months, the provincial Liberals (and I carefully point out that I mean “provincial Liberals” rather than “Provincial Liberals”) issue yet another fiat or ukase or what-have-you and then a few weeks later they back down and say in effect “Oh sorry! We hadn’t quite thought it through”.

I am bugged by this because once the change is proposed, we are treated to a flurry of Letters To The Editor, and sometimes Opinion Pieces, that point out the flaws in the scheme.

But the provincial Liberals go ahead anyway, hoping that what people have put in writing is not real.

Then they (the provincial Liberals) have to back-pedal and say “We didn’t really mean it”, or “We didn’t anticipate this reaction” which in the latter case can be translated as “We weren’t listening to the electors”.