2016-07-01 Fri

Canada Post and Air Canada

Air Canada says it is all Canada Postís fault that I havenít received the paper copy of my flight booking after two weeks. Shouldíve been her in 2-3 business days.

You might think that when they take a monthís pension off my credit card theyíd spring for Registered Delivery, or whatever is in vogue this year.

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So itís all the more alarming to read that Canada Post is thinking of using Airplanes.

If this doesnít pan out, weíll have an airplane business that canít use a postal business and a postal business that canít use airplanes.

Letís see where that gets us.

Canada Post and not Air Canada

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So, even if Canada Post doesnít go on strike, again, we could have problems.

I found it this month that Canada post canít cope with sheets of paper from Air Canada, according to the script-reading Air Canada lady. (Does their script really have a line that reads ďIím sorry; I canít help youĒ?).

Hamilton is correct. You donít need a strike to have an impact on deliveries. Just regular mail is enough to cause a hassle.

ďAlternate Delivery MethodsĒ would be FedEx and UPS, the original parcel delivery services that Canada post was trying to muscle in on, so presumably if I am an independent business and switch to UPS or FedEx for mail delivery, I may as well stay with them for parcel delivery, right?