2016-06-24 Fri

Clear Thinking

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It is not true that “Mateen ... wasn’t armed by Daesh ...”. Daesh’s propaganda fed into Mateen’s brain convinced Mateen that it would be a Good Thing to kill people.

I am not sure what is meant here by “The society that spawned him”. Does this refer to where he was born (in my case England), where he was raised (in my case Australia) or where he has been living for the later part of his life (in my case Canada)?

Or is “The society that spawned him” a reference to Daesh’s influences on his life (but in my case Mr. Brian Feld, Mr, Puzey, Mr de Kurloi, Dr R.S. Northcote, Ian P. Sharp, Richard Dawkins and Steven Pinker)?


An excellent point (in an excellent article) by Reid Rusonik,

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I agree with the reasoning that a crime-free intervention by friends or family to get guns off the street is a good thing.

Implementation in Toronto would be tricky at best, and is probably impossible.

Toronto Police have long memories when it comes to everyone they contact (except the mentally ill). The past four or five years have seen the non-debate on Carding roll on like a prairies thunderstorm that fails to deliver any rain.

I cannot conceive of a Toronto desk Sergeant taking the name and address, obtaining the gun(s) and then NOT filing that data away in some sort of database.

Toronto Police don’t know how to let go.

No matter that a law is passed forbidding record-keeping, we can bet that the cop would within seconds scribble the data onto paper and key in that data to an under-the-desk database accessible to all subscribing cops.

You can’t change human nature by law.