2016-06-23 Thu

The Toronto Transit Commission

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The political fight is non-existent.

For years the Toronto Transit Commission has dug its heels in, resisting the move away from tokens and paper tickets and paper transfers.

The Toronto Transit Commission has claimed that it is different from every other transit operator in the world (I’d agree with that statement!) and therefore it had to develop its own automated system.

For far too many years politicians have refused to step into the ring and knock the Toronto Transit Commission senseless. Or possibly sensefull.

The Toronto Transit Commission is dragging its heels on implementing Presto. Work seems to proceed on the old nine-to-five basis; my guess is that work does not take place during quiet times, and that the Toronto Transit Commission does not take advantage of the midnight-to-six shift to get cracking on putting Presto readers in subway stations. My impression is that the Toronto Transit Commission does NOT have gangs of trained mechanics standing by at night time as buses roll in for a nap, to leap aboard and tighten the what – five screws? – that hold the Presto card readers to the vertical grab-bars.

We need a good fight


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I have little sympathy for claims like these after a life has been taken.

Nothing special about Pistorius . I apply the same thinking to Forcillo who killed Sammy Yatim , and unnamed but well-armed coward who is currently hiding behind anonymity after killing Andrew Loku . Also the people whose drunken driving (“There But For The Grace Of God Go I”) took the life, or lives, of others.

When you are dead, you are dead, and all your future possibilities are snuffed out.

Comparing the loss of all future possible paths to mental hardship or physical limitations (of house-arrest or whatever) seem to me to be insignificant. And don’t get me started on the impact of unwarranted death on families and dependents and friends.