2016-06-16 Thu

The Chickens and the Eggs

So I'm listening to an Australian Rural news broadcast and there is an egg shortage in Australia. Apparently hens lay a mere nineteen million eggs per day in Australia. That suggests that there are about nineteen million laying hens in Australia. Since Australia's population is about twenty-three million ... well you can see where this is going.

Hens lay about 270 days of the year, so if I eat an egg three days out of every four days, then somewhere out there in Ontario there is a laying hen with my name on it!

Money Problems

Christopher Greaves Home_DSCN4143.JPG

Another piece of fluff from The Toronto Star. I have no doubt that the story has more details that didn't make it to print, but the gist of the story is:-

My feelings/opinions?

(1) He saves a bundle because he doesn't pay rent, or, I suspect, food costs. That means he is NOT an adult – he is still a child dependant on his parents for food and shelter (and I suspect a great deal more). He is not an adult in the strict sense of being an independent self-supporting individual paying his own way in the world.

(2) His schedule leaves little, or possibly no time, for living, which I define as reading books, chilling out with friends, solitary walks in the park to think. I suspect that he exists as a machine with an alarm-clock, shots of coffee or similar, and probably eats-on-the-go consuming processed foods.

(3) His parents are delaying his maturation; his parents refuse to let him grow up and learn what it takes to be a man – to rent an apartment, pay bills, do laundry and cook.