2016-06-11 Sat


You can call this “Sour Grapes” if you like; there’s a bit of it in here.

Two days ago I spotted a lovely egg-yolk yellow Porsche purring out of the underground parking.

‘Tis the season of graduation ceremonies, so I theorized that some kid had graduated and Daddy had awarded a promised prize of a throaty sports car.

That may not be the case, I know, but I have read enough reports and stories to know that it happens, so I will use my car-spotting as the basis for my thoughts, which are these:-

Driving a throaty purring egg-yolk yellow Porsche is a wonderful thing for a young man. The only downside would be the girls who jump in at every red stop-light.

Money doesn’t seem to be a problem in terms of insurance, gasoline, service and so on.

So I felt envy, immediately.

But then I felt sorry for the kid. If at age twenty you already have a luxury car, what else is there to aim for but another luxury car.

I feel sorry for the kids whose parents finance the million-dollar home the day of the wedding.

I don’t look back fondly on hours spent replacing roofs, walls, floors, cabinets and painting the results. It was back-breaking work and occupied time that could have been spent doing something else.

But at least I knew that no corners had been missed on the paint job. And the stripped and varnished mantelpiece was mine; I made it look like that!

When we grow up expecting top-of-the-line cars and top-of-the-line houses from the get-go, then they become regular occurrences, and there are fewer surprises of bounteous gifts in store for us.

If you eat out first-class every night, then how can you accept with glee an upgrade to first-class dining?

If you eat out every night, then how can you accept with glee an invitation to dine without preparing or washing the dishes?

If you eat ice-cream every night, then how can a bowl of ice-cream thrill you?