2016-06-10 Fri


I have updated my Factoids Page.

Trees of Toronto

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You can count on me to post a regular diatribe about Toronto’s brag about being a city of trees, and how it fails.

Here is another example.

On Gerrard Street about a hundred metres east of Yonge are not one but TWO tree stumps in bud.

Each tree has been sawn off at chest height by Toronto City Council representatives on the grounds that the trees are dead. Chest-height because the team that carries a chain-saw is not the team that carries shovels and crowbars. Different team, different team-leader, different truck, different overhead, higher expense. You get the picture, I know.

So these two trees are declared dead.

By whom? Some Toronto City Council representative.

A visit is scheduled by the chain-saw tribe and they come out and make noise, sweep up sawdust (although chances are strong that that is the job of the sawdust-sweeping crew) and they depart.

Before the shovel-and-pickup clan arrive to do their work (“We are so BUSY this year ...!”) the trees spring into life and start sending out branches.

Let’s leave aside the quandary that this doesn’t put Toronto City Council into (“Should we send out the chain-saw crew to lop off the twigs before we re-schedule the shovel brigade, or ...?”) and ask about the quality of expert who decrees that a tree is dead?

And once again I say, “No wonder Toronto has no serious trees in its downtown core.”

Toronto City Council is in the business of self-promotion, talking-up how many trees it planted in the last budget period. How Green We Are!

Truth is that Toronto City Council builds self-justifying departments that have little concern about the quality of the trees, their environment and even their chance of life.

“If in doubt, cut it out”. If nothing else, it’ll make our annual report look good.

P.S. Back on Wednesday May 11th I wrote about Toronto City Council’s appaling waste of capital in maintenence work. Take another look at the photo. Sitting next to the kerb is yet-another-piece of equiipment lying idle. At sometime some crew will be dispatched to collect the equipment from the street. More expense.