2016-06-08 Wed


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Toronto continues to argue about Who and Why and especially Where and What.

The headline caught my eye.

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Mainly because of the Theo Moudakis Cartoon last winter in The Toronto Star.

Tory could be standing by the Subway Route for twenty years yet.

Failures in Advertising

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The photo doesn’t do it justice. In fact, the photo softens the blow.

Tobermory can hardly be described as a hothouse of Real Estate; the town exists because of a ferry that runs three times most days between Southern Ontario and Manitoulin Island. Take away the people who runs the hotels, restaurants and gift shops, and what have you got?

The left-hand side of the billboard shows Brenna Urbanek’s details; the right-hand side has been used by me to hide from view the worst of the property.

Accidentally I chose a shot that hides the state of the roof.

This isn’t so much a fixer-upper as a bulldozer-her-down.

It must be tough to be the real estate agent whose territory covers Tobermory. Once you leave Tobermory there’s nowhere to be except Wiarton and Owen Sound, about a ninety-minute drive to the south.