2016-06-07 Tue


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I wrote about carry-In-Carry-Out here .

If you would like to see an excellent exhibition, trot across the border to Letchworth State Park – a twenty-mile long strip of park that runs along the Genesee River towards Mount Morris Dam.

Not a litter-bin in sight for twenty miles.

Not a bit of litter in sight for twenty miles.

How is it that citizens of the United States can work it out but Canadians cannot?

Is it because Canadians, and Torontonians in particular, have been trained to be irresponsible?

Toronto City Council has spent millions of dollars educating people that as long as you toss it in a bin (blue, green, grey, wire mesh etc) you’re being a Good Citizen.

Remove the bins and citizens don’t need to be Good Citizens anymore, because “They have removed the bins”.


An article in Wednesday’s Toronto Star made me think. “ Cooking en papillote can be fun for the family ”.

I thought, why not?

In the morning I was slicing and freezing fifteen boneless chicken breasts (OK, “fifteen boneless breasts of chicken”) and as usual had a few bits and pieces left over.

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I used aluminium foil; next time I’ll use parchment paper.

I made a “nest” in a dessert bowl and put in a tablespoon of Basmati rice with a sprinkle of Cardamom seeds.

On that I placed my finger-tip sized scraps.

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Over that I sprinkled some chopped spring onion and some grated ginger root.

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Folded it all up and left it in the fridge.

When I arrived home at 8:30 p.m. I turned on the oven to 425° and slide the package in on a bread plate.

Half-an-hour later I took it out and ate it.