2016-06-06 Mon

Clear Thinking

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Eric Gagnon is trying to downplay the role that cigarette packaging plays in people starting to smoke.

Smoke as in “Red Herring”.


If cigarette package design played such a small role, why would cigarette companies be so dead-set against reducing what the government feels is its impact.

I don’t trust the thinking process of people who I believe confuse velocity with acceleration.

Eric Gagnon says “What you have to ask is has the decline accelerated ...”. I rather suspect that it has, but I also suspect that Gagnon means “What you have to ask is has the decline increased ...”, which is, of course, a different figure.


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One of the better letters of refutation I’ve read in several years.

Jeffery Lyash, President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation kicks off his letter with “The only ‘fact’ in the article that I was able to verify is that ‘Stairway To Heaven’ was released by Led Zeppelin in 1971”.

I believe that nuclear power is part of the solution to a problem I see as Fossil Fuels.

Make no mistake – nuclear power is NOT clean, in the sense that we use nuclear energy to generate electrical energy, and we burn that energy to produce heat, so just the use of electricity – no matter what the source – contributes to warming to some degree (nice one Chris!).

I believe too that better solutions need to be found for disposal of nuclear waste. I am naïve enough to think that using today’s cheaper-than-in-the-1960’s rockets to ferry nuclear waste into the sun ought to be considered.